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Holland PRIDE Vendor Only Registration

All vendors are required to review the Sponsor/Vendor Agreement. By completing the registration form, you are agreeing to abide by the guidelines laid out in this document. Click the button below to access the full document.

Resource Booth


  • Resource booths are not permitted to sell goods or services of any kind.

  • Additional charges apply if you need OOTL to provide you with a table for the event.

  • Traditionally reserved for nonprofit or service-based organizations, however other organizations and businesses will be considered.

Merchandise Booth


  • Additional charges if you need OOTL to provide you with a table.

  • Must provide a link to an online store or photo album in your application for organizers to review your product prior to approval of application.

  • Payment is due with application form. A refund will be issued if you are not selected to participate.

Food Vendor -- SOLD OUT!


  • $50 payment is refundable after food service the day of the event

  • Food vendors are required to be aware of and abide by all local, county, and state regulations

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