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NEW - Love in All Dimensions

The Diverse Voices Speaker Series will be held at Haworth Hotel on Mondays throughout June from 7pm-9pm. These events are provided as a service to the community, with donations accepted to benefit further educational sessions with Out On The Lakeshore. The series is sponsored in part by Holland PRIDE, Out On The Lakeshore, and The Bluestocking Bookshop.

Monday, June 12 from 7-9pm at Haworth Hotel

When everything from Disney movies to healthcare revolves around the standard of two-person relationships, it can be hard to find information on and understand the other options for relationship structures. Ask your questions about polyamory and nonmonogamy on our Q&A form before May 20th for our Holland PRIDE panel discussion “Love in All Dimensions” June 12th. This panel will consist of your questions and will include individuals representing diverse experiences with queer and nonmonogamous intersections.

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